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Instantly Increase Your Website Conversion Rate With Our Awesome Web Graphics and Clipart Collections.

There at two trains of thought on sales copy. 

(1) from copywriters - strictly the written sales copy will make the sale.
(2) from graphic designers - it's the website graphics that sell the product.
Our train of thought is that they
BOTH are right when working in unison with the right combination.

From: Kurt Geer

Dear Business owner,
Do you own a business or sales website?  Are you looking to spruce up your web pages or presentations with some great graphics? These icon (clipart) collections are sure to do just that. These are not standard icon images with the .ico extension, these are .gif formatted images which can easily be used for web pages, emails, Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and more. 

Don't forget first impressions, as your potential customer comes to your website,  you have ONLY 15 to 30 seconds to grab their attention or off they go to the next website.

"You will be downloading and using these incredible Graphic Packages within just a few minutes... and using it to get the attention you and your presentation deserve! "

Professionally designed web graphics will send a subtle subliminal message your visitors, subconsciously, they will be impressed and have to act. This is why this outstanding value is offered to you today, to help YOU sell more of YOUR products to YOUR potential customers once they land on YOUR website!

Your Business is worth it. 
Invest the time and money so that your business can truly thrive.

All of our web graphic packages come at an awesome price and
All icons and images can be used in business and commercial applications.


Instant Downloads! Have your products in minutes !  
Even if it's 4:00 in the Morning.
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Order Graphics Empire

An entire library of high-quality marketing graphics designed to help you boost conversions, increase sales and build your personal brand. Anything less is simply not worth your time or your money... so don't settle for mediocrity. Not when you can have 
The Graphics Empire Collection 
working to help you make more money.
Personal Use Only.

Sales Clip art, Business Icons, Web Graphics, Clipart for Business

Get this Business Sales Collection of 1200 Windows XP style images to use on you're website, for one super low price of $9.95! Master Resale Rights are included with this package.

Business and Sales Clipart Collection

This Clipart Collection is priced to sell, and there is over 1600 very useful graphics, you simply cannot go wrong with an intelligent purchase like this to help grow you're business for one super low price of $9.95! Resale Rights are included with this package.

Marketing Graphics Pro Toolkit

Marketing Graphics Pro
2,112 GIF Elements.
2,112 Transparent PNG Elements.
420 Blank Elements
(elements without text) : 140 in GIF format, 140 in PNG format and 140 in JPG format to add your own text with any graphics software for the irresistible low price of $16.95.
Resale Rights are included with this package.

Website Graphics, Web designers package

The Ultimate Web Designers All-In-One Graphics Package! It Contains Some of Everything!

Arrows Check Boxes Tons of Bullets Awards Certificates Credit Card Images Chips Icons Books Money Images Buttons Galore Smiles Discs Folder Icons Cameras Computer Items Discount Bursts other Sales Graphics!
Personal and Resale Rights are included with this package.


Sales Clipart, Business Icons, Web Graphics, People images, Computer Icons, Auction Icons, Company logo collection and Header Graphics
You may be asking why we are offering such an incredible deal on all of the packages at these low prices, well... it's because we CAN! 

Instant Downloads! Have your products in minutes !  
Even if it's 4:00 in the Morning.
  Just click on the continue button after your payment in Paypal to be taken to the download page !

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Please note: There will be no refunds on these graphic packages. Once you have downloaded the product you have the ability to use these products on your website and/or sell them yourself to make your money back.


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